On Wisconsin

UW–Madison: Working for Wisconsin

The name of our university isn’t just about our geography—it’s about our promise. We are your state university, and from the earliest days of our shared history, the University of Wisconsin–Madison has made it our mission to benefit all citizens of the Badger state.

We accept 2 out of 3 in-state applicants

Although we receive about 10,000 more applications than we did a decade ago, it isn’t any more difficult for today’s in-state students to get into UW–Madison. More than 2 out of 3 in-state applicants are admitted to UW–Madison.

In-state tuition makes the UW affordable

For Wisconsin students, attending UW–Madison costs less than half of what it would cost a Wisconsinite to attend any other Big Ten university.

Graduating more students in four years

We keep our students on track to graduation. Earning a degree at UW–Madison takes just over 4 years—4.03 to be exact. Strong undergraduate advising, internships, clinical placements, and summer offerings make it possible to do more in four.

We help increase earning potential

We help our students find career paths and increase the earning potential of our graduates. By the time they graduate, over 60% of our students have a job offer, and another 25% enroll in graduate or professional school.

Wisconsin is home to our graduates

Almost 80% of in-state students end up living and working in Wisconsin in the years after they graduate. And almost half of all UW–Madison alumni call Wisconsin home.

Return on investment

For every tax dollar we get from the state, we generate 24 more dollars for a return on investment of $15 billion annually. We support close to 200 thousand jobs and our research has sparked hundreds of startup companies.